Laura Renfrew

Comic Work

Tomorrow's Misadventure

This is an upcoming project to start a webcomic series that is designed for eventual print release.

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Page for a comic done for, featuring character 'Klepp' by artist/writer Camel. This comic with themes of depression, anger and self hate addressed in an abstract but humerous way.

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This page is from a comic drawn throughout the month of October 2018, posted a page-a-day on my Instagram account

'Adventure April'

Spread from a project to draw a comic page/spread for every day of April 2018 on my Instagram account

'Graduate Schemes'

Comic for University of Lincoln's Careers & Employability team.

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'Star Spot'

This page is from a comic for, following the story of a character established for the site alongside characters made by other users on the site. The original comic's language is uncensored and is somewhat rushed towards the end due to extra constrained timeline for this personal project.

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'The Patch Gang'

Comic made for 'Heavyweight Tournament' on

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Comic made as a personal project

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